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About us – About Safari to See Gorillas – We at Safari to See Gorillas are diligently arranging Gorilla tracking tours / Safaris to see Gorillas for our clients and effectively responding to their specific interests and specialized needs on time.

Safari to See Gorillas specializes in offering the best Authentic Wildlife experiences in Uganda and Rwanda. We provide unforgettable choice of quality Gorilla tours packages to See gorillas and wildlife in Uganda and Rwanda packed with exciting daily sightseeing, wildlife viewing highlights and features. Our safaris include Gorilla tours where you see gorillas in the wild, wildlife safaris, Chimpanzee tracking tours, Birding safaris, Cultural safaris, game viewing safaris, family fun-filled adventures, photography tours and other excursions within the East African region.

We also make bookings for Hotel and Lodge Accommodation for our clients.

We believe that there is something of Interest for every traveler/tourist who comes to Uganda and East Africa at large.

Why Track Gorillas with Safari to See Gorillas?

Experience, Convenience, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Safari to See Gorillas has been leading the way in organizing Gorilla trekking / safaris to see gorillas and wildlife safaris and tours in Uganda and Rwanda, with guaranteed satisfaction and quality superior experience at affordable prices.

Professional indigenous Guides/Drivers

We are a local tour operator, this means we know all the tour destinations and activities in Uganda and Rwanda. With this knowledge we are able to design our tour Itineraries to suit your interests and budget. Our team of driver / guides are well-trained and well conversant with Uganda and Rwanda’s Flora, Fauna and History a major component of our safaris.

Gorilla Permits and chimpanzee

Uganda being a predominantly primate country, most of our safaris will have an element of Gorilla or and Chimpanzee trekking which are definitely highlights of Uganda Safaris and Tours. Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits need to be booked in advance and you are required to fully pay for them at least three months in advance or 2 years ahead. When we receive your money, we will pre-purchase your Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits and then scan and send you a copy for your records and perusal. This is how we have managed to guarantee and create confidence in our client’s most especially online clients.

Booking Terms

For deposits, we only request 20% of the total cost to book and confirm your tour with us. This deposit does not include the Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits that are to be paid for in full as Uganda Wildlife Authority requires payment in full to book and acquire these permits. Should Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits be sold out by the time your money arrives in our account, we will refund your money or advise you on the dates where there will be availability so that you can adjust. The balance of 80% of the safari cost is paid 6 weeks before the commencement of the safari.