Kampala City

Kampala City Tour Extension

Want to see how Kampala is fun? Maybe you have a short time before you start your Uganda safari adventure or gorilla trekking? We introduce to you the Kampala city tour where you will be able to go through history and how the people live, their culture, market experience, old ancient history and the different hills just like Rome with some African craft shopping experience. This particular city tour is different from what you probably have done before and will give you the experience of Uganda in a day.

Uganda Capital City

This city tour is good for those who have a short time in Uganda and those who have a day to spare before they go on their wildlife and gorilla trekking safari. These usually arrive in Uganda a day before and spend the whole day exploring Kampala all the way to the home of dance and culture to crown the day at Ndere Center. You can select places of interest to tailor this city tour but some of the popular and interesting places have been included in this tour. Come on let us have some fun as we show you around Kampala and Uganda.

City Tour Highlights:

  • African Craft Shopping
  • Cathedral’s and Mosque Visit
  • Photography and sight seeing
  • Ndere cultural center visit
  • Trying out Local indigenous Ugandan food
  • Drive from the Hotel after breakfast to see different 7 hills
  • Visit Old Kampala (Gadhafi) Mosque
  • Drive through the city center
  • Visit National Theatre for craft shopping near Ugandan Parliament
  • Visit Uganda Museum
  • Visit Namugongo Martyrs shrine
  • Visit Ndere center to wind up the evening with a cultural show

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